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Default Re: Thomas Hearns vs John Mugabi

Tommy has 3 rounds to do it in or he's getting laid out by the Beast, I recall James "Hardrock" Green giving john some problems at 154 but Tommy is in serious danger here. It's a shootout & the longer it goes the more chance of Hearns getting flattended.

With regard to the Duane Thomas debacle, it's unfair & incorrect to say that john had no heart, he had a fractured orbital bone, i recommend to any doubters here that they should get a small child to punch them in the eye & see how that feels, then multiply that by 100 for pain & effect. back then it was the god given american mantra & dogma that all aliens/oversees fighters were of an inferior stock to home grown land of the free protagonists & the word "Quitter" or "Lacks Heart" was employed as a dismissive at every & any given opportunity by the resident US ringside verbalists & hacks of the day. Mugabi was a very dangerous man indeed & it took the likes of Mighty Marvin to overcome him. No one wanted a piece of Mugabi at 154 pre Hagler.
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