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Default Re: Vitali Klitschko "To be honest, if you're an expert, you know I've never lost"

Originally Posted by MVC View Post

8:20 > 9:05

"But to be honest, and you as a boxer/expert, I've NEVER LOST ANY FIGHT IN MY CAREER, Nobody can stop me, I've never lost"

Not a TKO6 thread.

To this day, he still does not think he lost to Byrd/Lewis. Thoughts?

I think some of you don't understand what he means he doesn't use the right English terms sometimes. Like for example ever since I have seen him he uses the word 'strongest' when he means 'best'. He doesn't actually mean he is saying they are physically strong he means they are the best like before and after the Lennox Lewis fight.

Some of you are taking his comments way out of context and making a big deal about nothing. In this case I think he means he has never been KOed his losses have been by injury. Which it true as Vitali Klitschko has an Iron Chin.
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