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Default Re: This... is my training log

Mondays workout was not worth writing out


Ran like 2 laps around gym.. Coach tells me I'm sparring Willy today.

3 rounds against Wilywillywilly
- He is tall.. And he has a log reach so I focused a lil more on getting in the body. He knocked out my left contact lense. I did very well though. **** the free world!

Then I did 30 sec rounds
20 rounds of reaching for the goals
20 rounds of crates
1 round of rapidfires
5 rounds of shoeshines
6 rounds of 1-2-leanbacks
4 rounds of 1-2-hooks
1 rounds of jabs
1 round of hard body shots

2 sets of mountain climbers for 3 minutes
8 push-ups
12 push-ups
2 sets of 1 minute planks
3 sets of 20 scissors+20side scissors
20 sit-ups for each oblique
4 sit-ups for each oblique

My nose hurts. Peace!
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