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Default Re: If JMM is such a "Warrior", why hasn't he called out Mayweather for a rematch?

Originally Posted by Dunks View Post
JMM got humiliated by Mayweather in 2009, he said he wasnt adjusted to the weight (after the fight of course), before the fight him & Nacho were saying they would knock out Floyd and that they felt strong. If Marquez is the true warrior and competitor that he is then why hasn't he been vocal about another Mayweather fight? If Nacho is this great trainer then why is he unable to give the intelligent JMM a game plan that could work vs Mayweather? It seems to me that JMM is getting a pass for not challenging Mayweather. Prior to the 4th JMM-PAC fight, JMM has went on record repeatedly and said he felt like he won the first 3 fights, then he fights him for a 4th time and he knocks him out cold. In JMM's mind, he has already beat Pac 4 times so why are people co-signing his efforts to fight a guy that he feels he already defeated 4 times? Shouldnt he be trying to get revenge against Floyd?

It appears that even the GREAT JMM & GREAT Nacho have conceded that no matter the weight, no matter the amount of power and not even the most well thought out game plan from the 2 of them will ever allow them to defeat or even do better against Mayweather a 2nd time........warrior?

Also a fight vs Mayweather would be JMM's biggest Payday ever, especially coming off the Pac KO.
Even if he did the fight wouldnt get made, GBP vs TR be real
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