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Default Re: If JMM is such a "Warrior", why hasn't he called out Mayweather for a rematch?

Apparently, Pacquaio is interested in a 5th fight, and Marquez probably owes it to Pacquaio to give him one.

Pacquaio had no business getting in the ring with Marquez for the 4th time, and regardless, it would be a good fight that would generate plenty of money.

He could fight Mayweather, but the reality is that Juan doesn't have the style to beat Mayweather.

He could take all the steriods he wants, but it still won't give him the bobbing and weaving style necessary for a man of Juan's size and stature, to beat Mayweather.

Even then, he would be outsized, and he doesn't have energy to implement such a gameplan.

So, what's the point?

Honestly, Guerrero is a more difficult fight for Mayweather than Marquez. The only chance Marquez has is if Mayweather makes some serious mistakes and tries to come foward and gets caught on his way in.

Mayweather will obviously box Marquez carefully, using his reach, and footwork and it will be a replay of the first fight.

Marquez only has a puncher's chance, and it's a small one.
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