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Default Re: If JMM is such a "Warrior", why hasn't he called out Mayweather for a rematch?

Originally Posted by Dunks View Post
Just like it was unlikely that JMM would KO pac?
Completely different. Marquez hurt and stunned Pacquiao several times in previous fights, and he finally found that perfect shot in the 4th fight.

Mayweather's style will not change. Last time out, Mayweather stuck to his counterpunching style, forcing JMM, also a counterpuncher, to fight more offensively and thus taking him out of his comfort zone and game plan. Given the bad style matchup, Mayweather's superior speed, reflexes, size and his timing which is just as good as JMM's, it's a fight that will always be an uphill battle for JMM.

Judging from the title of this thread, you're effectively scoffing at Marquez being called a warrior, despite a career spanning 62 fights, taking on some of the biggest names in boxing including Barrera, Pacquiao x 4, and Mayweather himself.

Do you realise how much of a tit that makes you look? Another ESB armchair expert.
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