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Default Clips of Salido, Garcia Sparring & Training (Media Workout Added)

Just thought I'd post and dig up some old and new videos of each of them sparring, and Mikey's workout clips, and try to learn more about how they're going to match-up on Saturday.

This is a clip from Salido training in August. This is the only clip I could find, but it's a good one. Showcases Salido's defense coming forward and ability to efficiently pressure. It's a bit unnerving how he can inch forward and suddenly be inside. The overhand right he sets up at 1:36 is classic and deadly.


This is a clip of Mikey sparring Rios from over a year ago, not sure if it's been posted, but I thought it was important to share because of Mikey's infighting. It seems like Rios is taking it easy and trying to work on certain things, but regardless, Mikey is very active and tight whenever they exchange up close. His movement and offensive variation here is more impressive than anything I've seen from an actual fight, to be honest. To me it suggests what Mikey could be and lets us know he's surely not totally unequipped at close quarters.


These are much more recent clips of Mikey training and working the mitts with Robert. It seems their focus is side-stepping and catching Salido on the way in, which is not a bad strategy. Like I said in my other thread, emphasizing the left hook in particular is something to consider.


Post any others you've come across, and discuss

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