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Default Re: If Floyd retires this year after beating Guerrero and Canelo

Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post
Because contemporary fans are in denial over personal feelings.

Wait 20 years. Then we'll see who is correct.

Top 15 easily if he retires undefeated, with additional wins to his current resume over Guerrero and Alvarez. And who knows? Perhaps Alvarez goes on to become a dominant HOF'er himself, further enhancing that win.
Guerrero and Alvarez are nobodies. In 20 years nobody will know / care who they are.

Floyd has a pretty good resume on paper, but when you look at the context and who he actually beat and when it doesn't add up.

Corrales, Castillo, Hernandez, Oscar and Hatton were all solid to good wins, bottom line.

The rest are a bunch of nobodies, paper champs, or shot / over the hill fighters.

Floyd is an ATG due to his multiple titles / weight divisions, and (for now) undefeated record but it lacks substance. He's ducked a lot of tough fights, and history will remember that.
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