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Default Re: Boxing the fastest Growing Sport in Australia

Originally Posted by Totalpac View Post
Interesting stat, something doesn't really add up with though.

Putting that stat at it's most basic form, any boxing gym's from 2005 should be bursting at the seams, needing premises upgrades etc etc. Should also be any equal increase in boxing gyms since 2005. Anyone seen this happen in their state? I would argue we haven't in WA.

Look at say BJJ, yes, new schools popping up every day, the established places needing to upgrade etc etc.

The boxing stats just seem a bit off. We are talking the LARGEST growth sport in Australia? I don't see it.

I think surges in participation are more noticed within the boxing community. The general publics interest is based on whatever is in the media at the time. Am boxing is generally the same with slight flucuations around olympic and commonwealth games periods. Boxing training and class participation is also affected by the seasons, serious trainers/fighters are always a base group, with the on-and-off'ers rotating throughout the year and making up the rest of the numbers. Then theres the cross-trainers from other codes (footy, soccer, MMA etc) that like to box in the off season.
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