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Default Re: Have boxing fans gotten softer over the years??

Originally Posted by Low Blow Combos View Post
I remember back in the 90s going to fights and it was real fight talk. Tough crowds to find in front of. You went there to see a real s****. Nowadays you have people asking for the fight to be stopped after the guy is hurt, for fighters to be "smart" and by smart they mean running away from confrontation, glorifying runners AKA what we now call "boxers"... Back in the day boxers FOUGHT, put those arms up, bob and weave followed by action. I even seen people call it ART nowadays lol. Seriously, will we start seeing trans***ual crowds at the fights with purses and **** 30 years from now? Tell me now because I don't want to find myself in a fight surrounded by a scent of sweat mixed with Elizabeth Garden make up around me.

Is this a new fruitcake generation? It's disgraceful for real. There's still a few of us left but the more the years pass the softer males get to a point where it's just embarrassing. Men were tough back then, what happened?
agree with you on any title fight being stopped because the guy "could get hurt" . if he IS hurt, yes stop the damn fight if he has been clocked too many times. but **** like Calzaghe vs Manfredo being stopped when he didnt even get hit, Manuel Charr fight being stopped on a cut in a heavyweight title fight before anyone is allowed to even work on it between rounds. **** like that hurts boxing.
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