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Default Re: Tyson Fury the best HW

Originally Posted by kh80290z View Post
this is fury recently training on mits, and pads,definetly improved a lot and still young.

In all seriousness, you actually find this impressive?

He's throwing combos, with average speed, at a target that isn't hitting back. I'm not hating on Fury, I have nothing against the guy, I'm just making an informed, objective observation.

And note: After throwing, Fury just stands there, with his head down & forward. A counterpuncher's DREAM. In fact, after his first 4-punch combo, he actually turns his head to the right, but not back & no body / foot movement, with his arms still held low.

When working the mitts, you're still supposed to use defensive movement. You need to train your brain so that this becomes automatic. Fury is training to be just a big, lumbering target. There is something seriously wrong with his trainer.
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