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Default Re: All this talk of Vasquez getting robbed is pathetic

Originally Posted by tliang1000 View Post
Dirrell is 7-5? LOL more like 9-3 if being generous to Froch. 10-2 is closer to the truth. Froch vs Dirrell is such a big robbery. Abril/Rios was a close fight. Rios at least landed more than 5 clean shots than Froch did on Dirrell.

U Need to get ur eyes checked if you think Mitchell "boxed" prescott face off. He was running for dear life the whole fight. The only reason you believed that he won was bc of the constant brainwashing comentators.
-When Kevin gets hit, Those bozo said wow what a chin Kevin got.
-When prescott misses a shot, They speak negatively on Prescott's skill level, even though Mitchell is not even doing **** but running.
-When Kevin lands ANYTHING, they act like he just landed a ko punch.
You are an idiot, Dirrell running is fine but Mitchell runs and it's not at all.
You have defeated your own arguments here.
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