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Default Re: If Floyd retires this year after beating Guerrero and Canelo

Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post

Just because he COULD have fought better opponents, as could be said about EVERY FIGHTER EVER, doesn't impact at all who he did fight.

You need to get your head outta your ass and quit trying to reassure yourself of what you hope happens or is thought of years down the line.
That's an understatement in Floyd's case - he ducked a lot of better opponents. Sometimes a fighter deserves a pass here and there, but in Floyd's case it's inexcusable. He spent over 5 years at WW and avoided just about every top / elite opponent during that time. It's a huge black mark on his legacy.

But lets look at who he did fight. Where is his single great / defining win ? Now name me another 'top 15' who doesnt' have one.

Castillo, Corrales, Oscar, Hatton, Herndanez, Mosley, and Cotto are not great wins, they are solid to good wins. I don't put JMM in there because that fight wasn't worth taking seriously. Mosley and Cotto could have been great wins, but he decided not to fight them until they were well over the hill. Oscar was at the end of his career.

Basically he doesn't have any great wins. He has some good / respectable wins and some solid ones. That and being undefeated , and winning the amount of belts he has in multiple weight divisions is enough to make him an ATG but he has serious question marks on his resume that can't be ignored.

Also if your gonna call Floyd a Top 15 then Pac must be top 10 because his resume and achievements are simply better.
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