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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Originally Posted by CrimsonBeast View Post
I consider Silva the GOAT at the moment. He is destroying people while the new breed of MMA fighters are making old legends seem one dimensional. Hell, silva moved up a weight class and destroyed people there. GSP can't end fights in his own weight class .

Both cleared their divisions but, Silva did most of it while toying with his opposition. GSP had to work his ass off. Also, I think we can all agree Silva has a better chance at beating Jon Jones than GSP has at beating Silva.
Silva's style lends itself to more highlight-reel knockouts. The fighting style he's had from the start is more flashy - GSP is more of a grinder.

But GSP hasn't really had to "work his ass off" in his fights. I mean, the guy has barely lost a round for half a decade. He could certainly finish more, but it's not like GSP is turning in Benson-Edgar type decision victories. He pitches shutouts.

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