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Default Re: If Floyd retires this year after beating Guerrero and Canelo

Originally Posted by Gander Tasco View Post
Also if your gonna call Floyd a Top 15 then Pac must be top 10 because his resume and achievements are simply better.
Wrong. Pac's entire career above 135 is nothing short of suspect. He made a career fighting people at advantageous catchweights versus opponents coming off consecutive losses/beatings. Think of DLH/Mosley/Cotto/Margs/Hatton. These guys were all severely beaten in their recent past and were performing poorly prior to the time manny fought them. Very convenient opposition selection. So manny's resume looks "nice" on paper but in reality (the context of the fights) the above listed opponents were merely s****s of themselves.

Conversely, Floyd's made the consistent effort to do exactly the opposite. He fights fighters when they are coming off career victories and consecutive impressive performances. He fights guys in their primes. DLH/Mosley were not prime when those respective fights finally happened, but Floyd can't be held solely responsible for that. He called both those guys out from the days he fought at 135. When DLH/Mosley were prime, they were dodging Floyd.

Secondly, if you're being honest, you have to consider the very realistic possibility (and likelihood) that manny used ped's. Never before in the history of the sport has an athlete accomplished what manny did in the fashion that he did it. Normally a person can transcend weight classes when they have superior boxing skills/abilities. This is the case for the FMJ's/boxers. manny, however, moves up weight classes and is stronger and faster than guys at heavier weight classes. This is something that is very uncommon. And it's not just myself or the Mayweathers noticing this. Teddy Atlas, Paulie Malignaggi, Nate Campbell, Shane Mosley indirectly suggested it, as well as other boxers/trainers, that manny was on something.

Due to manny's insistence on not taking OSDT, his achievements must be further interpreted with skepticism. it is for these reasons that i rank manny as low as > 100. For you math rookies (filipinos/pacturds) that's less than 100.
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