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Default Re: If you could change the outcome of one fight, what would it be?

Originally Posted by Scar View Post
Perfect pick, I'll have to pick that too when I was going to pick Tyson vs Douglas.

Why the **** would you alter Benn vs. McClellan or Tyson vs. Douglas?

Yeah, I know what happened to McClellan was sad, but uh...Benn earned that W fair and square. (and, let's not allow the tragedy to cause us to lose sight, he was kind of a better person...)

As for Tokyo...even if you're a massive Tyson fan you have to realize what an epic and pivotal moment in boxing history that was. **** the excuses. If you were given a magic wand and were about to use it to take that win away from Douglas...I'd take the wand away from you and ram it sideways up your ****per.
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