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Default Re: If JMM is such a "Warrior", why hasn't he called out Mayweather for a rematch?

Originally Posted by Undisputed View Post
Jmm had the testicular fortitude to fight mayweather at welterweight.Meantime mr mayweather has completely ruled out a fight with Sergio who can fight Floyd at 154 which is where Floyd fought cotto.Whos the G who's the *****?
Originally Posted by larryx2012 View Post
Juan is a warrior..but why would floyd fight sergio who is 38 and hasnt fought at 154 in 5 years at 154??if he is going to fight him then it should be at 160,other then that there is no point
Look at Ward/Dawson. It is massively discredited. Largely due to Dawson having not fought at 168 in 6+ years. Look at Pacquiao/Oscar. It is massively discredited largely due to Oscar having not fought at 147 in 7+ years (and the fact that he didn't seem to rehydrate at all and was outweighed in the ring). These are legitimate reasons to discredit a win, to whatever extent is up to the beholder.

Sergio hasn't fought at 154 in nearly 5 years.

I think it's obvious and a lot of people are in denial about it. If he wins, you'd be the first one to call Floyd a pus for making Sergio drain down to where he hadn't fought in a half a decade.
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