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Default Re: Wlad Plans To Return April 6

I don't see the chances of upset so dramatically different for anyone that I would specifically be disappointed about him fighting any Ring-ranked top ten men or some nice undefeated prospect. I wouldn't think it'd be worth getting riled up over, considering the landscape. Everyone not named Povetkin hasn't established themselves as the outstanding contender anyway. He can almost pick any ranked guy he wants without much historical rebuke because of it.

I want Povetkin more than anyone in there, but Pulev, Fury, even Boytsov and Helenius are all guys I wouldn't mind seeing in there with at all. I'd be more agitated by Klitschko sitting on the title than picking someone I'd rather not see in there. Like last year, I couldn't find an ounce of interest in a Mormeck fight, but I'd rather he stayed active with a fight like that so later on if someone has pushed ahead of the pack and looks good and wants it there's no "Well, I've been out too long. I need a tune-up for that guy." When they're taking stay-busy fights while contenders sort themselves out, at least you never have to worry about that ****.

Originally Posted by chitownfightfan View Post
I ****ing bet that Wlad is waiting to see if Mitchell regains his WBO ranking.

That would be ****ing re****ed.

Last fall, Wlad was all about fighting Mitchell in 2013. I know he was devastated when Banks KHTFO. Wlad himself said something to the effect that his KO losses made him a better fighter, and that Mitchell would be back.

That'd be f/d up if Wlad is waiting for that fight before announcing his next opponent.
Well, Volo is supposedly desperate for the American contenders.

Originally Posted by |A|C|S| View Post
hope its Fury, Povetkins ****
Personally, I cannot imagine why someone would think Fury is above Povetkin and Povetkin is "****" unless they have only seen Fury/Johnson and Povetkin/Huck.
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