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Default Re: If you could change the outcome of one fight, what would it be?

Leonard-Hagler. I've scored it numerous times and felt Marvin genuinely won the fight.

Holmes-Holyfield/McCall. Would've led to the Foreman fight which would've been extremely interesting, even when they were both 43 (in 1992) or 46 (in 1995).

Foreman-Briggs. Foreman clearly won the fight and it would lead to a Lewis-Foreman fight, which, even in 1998, would've been interesting for me. I'd be interested to see how Lennox dealt with someone who was such a strong, hard punching wall who had a jab to match his own.

Hopkins-Calzaghe. I felt Bernard won the fight and it ****es me off seeing Joe retired with no losses.

Martinez-Cintron. Robbery of the worst sorts. Martinez was winning the entire night, actually knocked Cintron out (Kermit was counted out and everything) and was forced to continue fighting once Cintron stopped *****ing about how Sergio couldn't possibly hit that hard. Sergio had to settle for a draw that night, which is garbage. They say that to avoid a robbery you need to take it out of the judges hands...well...Sergio did, only to have it put right back into the judges hands and they really shafted him.
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