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Default Re: New Tyson Fury Interview the ultimate fighting supremacy

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
thing is, its never really been proven, and wont be any time soon, because the money isnt there to draw a top of his game prime champion.

having said that, i think a guy like wlad could have done damn good in mma if he had gotten into 5 years ago, but that would require cross training. (although I think he would stand a chance of catching someone like Cain coming in..and he wouldnt be as stupid as toney, in standing in one place with his leg sticking out).

having said all that, to have more than a punchers chance they would need to be cross training to really make a transition, which, in theory, would mean that they are no longer just boxers, but are now mma fighters with a boxing base.
Im not saying the MMA guys win 10 times out of 10 in a real fight or an MMA match but I like their chances. The MMA fighters just have more tools to use.. Cain wouldn't try to trade with the Klit bros, that would be a serious mistake. He would soften them up by grappling and taking them down. Actually once he gets them down they wouldn't be able to get up for the entire round. Unlike JDS, Vitali and Wlad don't have any take down D or experience with Wrestling or grappling.

Im not putting the K-Bros down because they are boxers and they're damn good at their sport. Boxing is a classy sport and I love to watch it. In a real fight I think the MMA guys are more equipped and prepared! Just my opinion..

PS: You make a good point... No prime Boxer has ever tested his skills in the Octagon.. And for good reason! Wlad and Vitali make 20 Million a fight in a sport they dominate in. Why take a pay cut and most likely a beating? I wouldn't do it! lol... People should understand that MMA and boxing are 2 different sports.. Appreciate them for what they are!

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