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Default Re: gennady golovkin v gabriel rosado is rosado going to go toe to toe?

Originally Posted by mrdoctor View Post
Manbearpig just concentrate on geale beating mundine as at the moment it looks like his just gonna get passed him on a points win and even he might loose on a points loss..
Triple G would ko mundine know this why don't u?
You're boxing knowledge has to be the worst out of all the forums, fistsof steel. Geale will easily handle Mundine whereas Golovkin has once again chosen a blown-up LMW to bully that is not even ranked at MW with 5 losses on his record. HBO? Don't embarrass yourself again by acting that you know the inner workings of HBO because in reality, you're a pathetic meth head who runs when the hard questions are asked because your knowledge of the sport is so pathetic that it's almost sad.

A few examples of you lying and making up **** including your attempt to lie about the innner workings of HBO: you claimed that you knew what HBO were planning for Geale and Golovkin and it blew up in your stupid face: Remember that?

Or when you told me Golovkin knocked down Direll in the amateurs. Remember that?

Or when you told everyone that most of GGG opponents have suffered severe internal bleeding. Remember that?

All of mrdoctors/fistsof steel little gems can be found on the Aussie Forum in the first 25 pages.
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