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Default Re: ****DECADES SURVEYS 1 - Please Participate! Best 10 Fights 2000-2009****

Looking at the 11 lists, glancing through them, I'm already extremely curious how this is going to turn out with the weighted points system. I like the idea of having 10 entries per participant now. However, I originally was thinking of going backwards until we reached 1900-1909, but now I'm thinking we'll go back as far as the 40s or 30s instead before going to the All Time survey. Curious to hear some feedback and where the cutoff should be, but I am fairly certain it will be one of those two.

Thinking things through, if when tabulating the scores, I come across a fight that slipped through that was outside the range, like 2010 or 19999, I'll try and contact that poster after the deadline if need be, and give him a few days to revise, or else I'll have to exclude that entire list. Also, if any ridiculous entries come across that get red flags from both McGrain and me, I think I will scratch that. Open-ended criteria is fun and open to interpretation, but I think we can all agree when someone is trolling or aiming to skew the results in such a way that harm's the integrity of what we're doing.

Thank you all for participating so far already!

I hope you continue to participate in the future surveys, and I also am looking forward to seeing more lists from people who've not yet ventured in here.

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