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Default Re: Clips of Salido, Garcia Sparring & Training

Originally Posted by Leonit View Post
thanks he looked good indeed. A bit tired by the 3rd??
To me it just seemed like he was taking breaks and working on fighting at a distance. Though the pace in the first rounds was pretty intense.

There were flashes in that last fight of how to beat Salido; jump in with flurries to momentarily back him up and change the angle constantly. But that defines Gamboa's style, and even he had to tough it out. Just finished re-watching that fight, competitive through all 12 rounds.

Salido's left to the body seems a mile long.

It's also interesting that no matter where he is in the ring, Salido seems so huge and imposing to me. He controls the center of a ring effortlessly. Just a few steps following you along the perimeter and he's back in his punching range like he never left.

Here's Dwyer's prediction:

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