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Default Re: If Floyd retires this year after beating Guerrero and Canelo

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Never beat anyone as good as Duran, Hearns, Benitez, or Hagler. So it's irrational to rank him higher.
He made not have a "Duran" or a "Hearns" but he got Benitezs and haglers. He accomplished feats that SRL, Duran did. That is to fight champions in his weight class and fight bigger champions in their weight class. So why shouldn't he belong? BTW i have Floyd and Pac above Hagler and Benitez. What Hagler did wasn't more amazing than what Floyd and Pac did.

I am not trying to hate/discredit Hagler but Who did Hagler beat that made him so special? His biggest wins were against blown ups of Hearns and Duran. and Benitez's have a lot of losses against people he shouldn't have. So i don't know why you think so highly of him. Hagler got a good resume but his wins are = of Oscar's. Haglers beating up smaller guys = Floyd beating Old Shane/out of prime Oscar who are both BIGGER than Floyd. The out of prime scalps that Floyd had at least they have a size advantage but where is Duran's and Hearn's advantages against Hagler???

Floyd deserves credit for his longevity. THere are many AtGs who reach his age and just completely falls apart and loses to scrubs. Floyd is still fighting Elite prime guys. Whether if you think his opponents are bums or not they are still champions and should be respected to that fact.

People always bring up the Duran and SRL **** but they fail to see the amazing feats that Floyd has accomplished, while Duran, SRL, Hagler couldn't. Like he never lost against elite competition and never even been put on his ass. While other ATGS get ko and shorter primes, and loses to lesser guys.

Being amazing for a long time > being amazing for a short time. Being consistent is what ATGs do.

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