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Default Re: gennady golovkin v gabriel rosado is rosado going to go toe to toe?

Originally Posted by mrdoctor View Post
Hello tc u little flea...u just outed yourself... !
How r those pyhcie drugs working for you?
Right, so now I'm TC because I have exposed you to be nothing more than a lying meth head who clearly DKSAB. I thought I was manbearpig? Try again, ****wit. Once again you deflect from boxing talk because you have **** all knowledge on anything to do with boxing seeing as you haven't even watched your favorite fighter's fight against Direll yet you decided to make a comment about it. You must also be MichiganWarrior!!

Face it. You have been exposed again and again along with your alt, fistsof steel, for your lack of boxing knowledge and tendency to run away when you get asked a hard question. Do a forum a favour and stop posting your dribble because it is absolutely cringe worthy. In your absence, try and learn how to spell you illiterate moron.
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