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Default Re: If Floyd retires this year after beating Guerrero and Canelo

A good/solid resume but nothing over impressive that makes my eyes pop out.Again solid opponents but not many Huge prime threats if any at all.H.O.F.?.....Absolutely, G.O.A.T?........Not even close not even top 10 actually.Everybody's entitled to their own opinion but calling him the best ever is pretty premature especially while active considering the long history of great fighters,if you do your a clearly a fan boi simple as that no argument.Sure floyd is one of few to accomplish certain things like staying undefeated with solid overall fighters but Robinson/Armstrong/Ali,pep,Joe louis ect are immediately in G.O.A.T time conversation for a reason.They fought everybody no excuses, & they accomplished pretty great feats themselves along with many others.Not going to blame floyd for ducking a lot of fighters but it's pretty obvious his career is carefully managed & you'd be stupid argue other wise.Again good fighter easily 1st ballot H.O.F but lets stop the dumb best ever or unbeatable BS he's clearly not.

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