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Originally Posted by Meow View Post
Oh please, you're points are totally fabricated and made up. Every time a Klitschko fan posts something rational you go back to 3 characters to make any semblance of an argument. It's sad because Lewis fans are never the ones that actually want to discuss what was going on in the fight. Lewis was down by a lot on the scorecards, was out on his feet twice throughout the fight, and was going to get KTFO'd. He then refused the rematch.

It sucks being a Lewis fan, because it's hard to argue against the facts. Vitali retired Lewis, deal with it.
Lol, exactly what have I ever "fabricated"? I can rationally destroy any argument you can come up with on this topic because the simple fact is Lewis won. It doesn't matter if the score was 4-2 because it was a 12 round fight. It doesn't matter a rematch didn't happen because Vittles had his chance and Lewis owed him nothing. And it doesn't matter what you think or how hard this is for you to get over, because the simple fact is it will always be in the record books as a tko loss for Vits.

Now if you want to talk about fabricating things, we don't we discuss how you think Vitaly gave himself a "self inflicted injury" in the Byrd fight? I mean you did say that right? I can find the post if need be. THAT is a total "fabrication" and a clear sign you're unable to deal with the reality of what really happened.

Its been nice owning you again kitty cat.
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