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Originally Posted by Meow View Post
Oh please, you're points are totally fabricated and made up. Every time a Klitschko fan posts something rational you go back to 3 characters to make any semblance of an argument. It's sad because Lewis fans are never the ones that actually want to discuss what was going on in the fight. Lewis was down by a lot on the scorecards, was out on his feet twice throughout the fight, and was going to get KTFO'd. He then refused the rematch.

It sucks being a Lewis fan, because it's hard to argue against the facts. Vitali retired Lewis, deal with it.
Funny you accuse Lewis fans - by which, of course, you mean anyone who isn't a Klitschko fan or who thinks that Lewis was starting to get on top during that fight - of refusing to post anything rational to counter the arguments of Klitschko fans when you completely ignored me when I answered you in a perfectly rational way back on page 149 of this thread, when I gave you an overview of how I though the fight went and why Lewis retired and didn't fight the rematch.

So, for your benefit, here's that post again. Try not to be a hypocrit this time and respond instead of just ignoring it.

Originally Posted by MAJR View Post
Both fighters took the fight at short notice but Vitali was younger, hungrier and far more motivated for the fight. This is common sense as Lennox was the reigning Heavyweight King who every ambitious heavyweight was gunning for while Vitali to Lennox wasn't a legitimate threat.

When the fight began Vitali came out quick and took the fight to Lennox, looking to knock out the champ in the early rounds. Lewis - overweight, sluggish and unprepared - was caught off-balance by Vitali from the beginning and struggled to get his feet. This resulted in Vitali dominating the first four rounds

As the fight went on Lennox began to familiarize himself with his opponent and get in the game while Vitali tired - having thrown too much into the early rounds trying to get a knock out - resulting in Lewis winning the last two rounds of the fight and forcing Vitali to hold on for dear life at the end of the 6th.

The cuts to Vitali's face were numerous and far too many to be described a "lucky". Lewis targeted them as soon as he saw them developing and made them as bad as he could to force a doctors stop. This is a perfectly legitimate way to win a fight.

After the fight Lewis was upset with his performance, it had been one of the worst he'd ever had. Though he promised Vitali a rematch the more he dwelt on his performance and the longer he went without a fight the more convinced he became that he would not be able to reach a world class standard anymore. So he walked away and hung up his gloves. He didn't want to go out on a loss - which is perfectly understandable.

I'm not sure Lennox could have won the rematch but I'm not sure Vitali could either. Lennox was too old and too deminished, even a properly motivated Lewis in the best condition he could get himself into in 2003/2004 would have struggled with Vitali at that time, but Vitali had fought the worst version of Lewis, the one that was old, overweight and unmotivated, and he had failed to put him away and was loosing ground as the fight went on and had had his face reduced to a bloody pulp. So, I am undecided on what the outcome of a rematch would have been.
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