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Default Re: Jouis Walcott III

Originally Posted by Danmann View Post
Walcott got better with age. Look at for example, the opposite--Tyson, Floyd Patterson---heavyweights who peaked very young, by age 20 they were in primes. Larry Holmes is an example of the norm, a guy who got ko'd by Duane Bobick in Olympic team box offs, and was written off. Got better, but did not have to wait till he was 35 to peak. Walcott is end of spectrum, he hit his best years and best physical skills at and after age 33-34.

Louis was greater, and better in prime. But in louis comeback years walcott beats him, maybe embarrasses him ( and I dont mean that in demeaning way towards louis)

Walcott had the benefit of a regular diet ,financial support ,and training daily, after Bochichio became his manager, and his results reflect it.

I dont believe any boxer hits their prime in their mid 30's, though with the assistance Walcott received ,their results might improve and have more consistancy .
Walcott had the skills and ability when he was 26 in 1940 scaling 192lbs, being stopped by Abe Simon,what he did not have was the motivation, financial cushion, regular food, and training.

After this fight he retired for 4 years, years when ,given the right support, he would have been in his prime.

Patterson in his prime at 20? Really , back then he weighed 166lbs.
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