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Default Re: When you look at Ricky Burns' K.O% you would think he couldn't K.O a fly, so..?

I think it depends on how hard Burns chooses to hit personally. Against Mitchell he was saying after only the second round to Billy in the corner "I'm getting through" and realised that his punches were having on effect on Mitchell so he stepped it up and started to plant his feet.

Against Katsidis and Martinez he hardly threw a single shot that had what I would call bad intentions. He just threw clipping, scoring shots, but with no real venom in them. It's like he had accepted that he probably wasn't going to KO either of them and realised that their punches may hurt him more than the other way around so he just landed the quick point scoring shots rather than the heavy punches.

He definitely hits harder at LW though and if he gets through with a few against Vazquez who is to say he won't follow up and maybe finish him off!
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