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Default Re: Deontay Wilders next fight...

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
Hmmm. Regarding the Steward-Fury split, you wrote, quote: "I think the option was there for Fury to continue his training with Manny,but decided against it for his own personal reasons etc,"

you THINK, or you KNOW? If you know more than me about Fury, then you should be able to state this as a fact, and also state the specific reasons Fury "had."

What I know is that no one CHOOSES to leave Manny Steward in order to be trained by his uncle & father. Manny most likely saw all of Fury's incurable weaknesses, and decided to put his valuable time elsewhere. (And yes, that's also an opinion, but it makes a lot more sense.)

But OK, I appreciate your honesty here. Moving forward ......
It's been posted a few times in the past,by me and other fans of Fury,he was in a ****ty place at the time mentally,thought it would benefit him more training at home .. his old man was in trouble with the law for gouging someones eye out etc before finally being jailed early in 2011 which sent him even further over the edge,his depression stayed with him pretty much throughout the entirety of 2011 .. his son was seriously ill etc Fury's battle with depression is no secret,he wanted to quit alltogether after the Pajkic fight.
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