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Default Re: Fighters you disliked but now admire

Due to ESB I have come to gain an appreciation for all boxers, and can almost (Not sure if 100%) say I hate/dislike no boxer...

Some that I have changed my mind on....

Joe Louis- I thought he was a slow, plodder who old timers allowed nostalgia to blind them to....He has now become my #1 ATG HW (#10 overall P4P) and my favorite HW outside of Philly.

Rocky Marciano- I thought he was a slow, crude slugger (Perhaps in the vein of Fullmer-but even less so?) with no defence and nothing more....He has impressed me not only with how great he was but also how difficult he was to catch clean.

Mike Tyson- I actually liked him early inhis career, but then the media, his hype and early annointing as unbeatable and best ever along with his fans (To me RJJ/Tyson have the most horrible annoying fan base in history!) caused a knee jerk reaction in my to discredit every thing he has every done...I still don't call him best ever, but he has gone from #15 ATG on my list to around 8 surpassing guys "I liked" more than him.

JCC- For Meldrick Taylor I 'nuff said!

Joe Calzaghe- I thought he was "Your typical euro-bum" which is now a term I don't even use anymore....I still don't think he is as great as his fanboys make him out to be (but then I guess which fighter is?)...but @168 he is a tough out for anyone ever....Although Hopkins still beats him by 1 on my card.

Floyd/SRL...well there are always exemptions, and I still don't care for either guy, but I have tremendous respect for their skill/accomplishment.
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