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Default Re: Fighters you disliked but now admire

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
Floyd/SRL...well there are always exemptions, and I still don't care for either guy, but I have tremendous respect for their skill/accomplishment.
I disliked SRL with a vengence along with plenty of others due to his machinations in & out the ring along with the simpering, winking, Aw shucks, flutter eye lashes for the camera "Princess Diana" style. But i've always admired his grit & tenacity in the ring juxtaposed with his taking on Hagler albeit a worn out one. It still took massive ***** to get back in there.

Floyd i've a sneaking respect for, it's to do with his bizzness acamen that i like most. Moraly speaking from a boxing sense he does not deserve the praise that is heaped upon him as he's avoided all the dangers on his way to the HBO $$$$ trough & his ducking of Pacquiao is absolutly shamefull.

But i really do respect him for getting so much out of the sport $$$ wise considering he's put so little in. He's a fantastic boxer & i'll not knock him for doing whats right by himself. He's brutaly honest about it all which so many fail to see. He's so see through it's hillarious. Never liked him when he on the up & i'm not that fussed in watching him now, but he's a survivor, thats for sure.
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