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Default Re: Fighters you disliked but now admire

like with all childhood innocence and ignorance I used to believe the World Champion was the greatest boxer/fighter in his division at his time, and with every age better than the previous ones...

I not only discovered how far from the truth this is but also that often times it was widely misleading. I used to think that we in North America were the best of these, I discovered too that was simply not the case (generally speaking more as in numbers yes, but not necessarily in fact), but that a percentage of top men from all around the globe we're their equal or superiors.

the biggest disappointment was to discover just how crooked boxing was and that it wasn't a sport at all, but a business and just like all business mostly corrupt, big or small.

I also discovered Era's and just what some of them meant and that throughtout this whole history of the sport there are literally hundreds of great fighters, hundreds.

I have the greatest respect for the TOP Men, Champion and Contenders alike, and I am in awe of fighters like Greb, SRR, Archie Moore and Ezzard Charles. I too think Joe Louis is the greatest HW of alltime and that fighters like JJ Walcott & Lloyd Marshall represent a plethora of Great unsung hero's (of course they've now got it).

the fighters that intrigue me most are Joe Gans, Bobby Dobbs, Tony Canzoneri and Britains Joe Bowker. I would love to see a major motion picture about Tony C's story it has all the required elements for one, and the other three deserve the treatment of the likes of Ken Burn's attention for proper documentaries.

there are just hundreds!!!
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