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Default Re: Bonte: 'If Vitali fights on, it'll be v the Arreola- Stiverne winner'

Originally Posted by Fight News View Post

The better brother Wlad couldn't give Haye a beating so what makes you think the lesser hard hitting and slow Vitali Klitschko could? If Vitali opens up he ends up like Chisora getting KTFO. Either being negative or aggressive Vitali gets knocked out as he is too slow to get away from Haye's punches.

If your boy quitali retires he is the biggest ducker in heavyweight history.

What punches? Haye doesn't throw punches. He averaged about 15 punches a round in the Valuev and Wlad fights. Haye doesn't engage with bigger Heavyweights. Quit trying to act like he is going to Jack Dempsey Vitali. Haye doesn't fight like that.

This fight will be no different.
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