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Default Re: Fun Fact:CANELO's first Amateur fight was at 12, won Gold @ National Olympics 05,

Originally Posted by Concrete View Post
If he had 100 or more amateur fights then he would have been thrown into the fire by now. He has 41 fights already. To have this many fights at this age is usually a sign of a limited amateur back ground. And if he had 100 amatur fights and another 41 professional fights then he should be farther along as a fighter then he has been.

Hoya by his 30th fight already fought Chavez, Whitaker, Camacho and Quartey.
by fernandos 21st fight he had already fought yory boy, marquez, ike, winky, thompson and tito.

my guess is that canleo wouldve been the underdog in each and every one of the fights.

and if you have any knowledeg about mexico and boxing, the majority of the professional boxers(if oyu can even call them that) are garbage as the average male wage here is $2.00/hour so getting paid $50.00 for a few rounds is good money especially when you have a family to feed. most of these guys dont train, live day-to-day and have no more fight experience than some guys here on the forum. i dont even want to talk about their physical condition as beer would be one of their daily staples.

just watch a tv azteca or telemundo boxing if youre here in mexico.

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