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Default Re: Pavlik take a stay busy fight? Update:Arum questions Pavlik's future in boxing?

It's probably "much ado about nothing." Arum's very brief comment contained nothing of substance and seemed like one of those meaningless throw away comments that Arum often makes.

On the other hand, we should take KP's position into consideration. Earlier in his career there was a tendency to glorify his back story: "Humble blue collar kid knocks everybody out and becomes champ." The real story is MUCH harsher. The truth is, Kelly Pavlik has been ****ed more times than a $50 street walker.

Right now Pavlik should be half way through training camp in preparation to fight the undisputed super middleweight champ. Instead, he's faced with a choice between Bute or some nobody he knows he'd run right over. Kelly was one of the few people who was not one-bit surprised by Froch's destruction of Bute, and he knows, as well as every honest fan knows, a victory over Bute at this point means nothing. Every journalist and every fan would claim it as proof that Carl ruined Lucian, and that claim would have plenty of merit.

Kelly Pavlik is the recent undisputed middleweight champ with a record of 40 wins and 2 losses with 35 KO's, and 4 straight wins since losing his title. He was supposed to get a shot at Ward. Ward has an injury and can't fight. The WBC title is now vacant, but KP doesn't get the fight??????? Bika and Sgiwoogishagi get the fight; two guys that wouldn't see 8 rounds with Kelly; WTF?????

If Pavlik is disgusted and non-communicative, I, for one, do not blame him.
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