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Default Re: Fun Fact:CANELO's first Amateur fight was at 12, won Gold @ National Olympics 05,

Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
this is the last im going to comment to you on this subject.

if you are not 5'3" and 110 -pounds(archie solis) crack open a cold beer and think of what it would be like to have to shop for your clothes and shoes in the boys section of the department store with all the women staring at you as they buy clothes for their sixth grade boys, having to pee in the toilet instead of the urinal in the mens bathroom or not being able to buy a sportscar without modification(these type of cars are not focused at the female population) because you feet can hit the pedals.

you dont beat up a guy like this because any adult will think that youre an idiot.

you buy this guy a beer at the bar.

you would understand what im talking about if you were a grown man.

because a grown man not suffering from low self-esteem would care less if his girlfriend ****ed another man(consensual) because it would save him the headache of what would ineveitabley come in the future and presumambly at a much higher price tag.

and a grown man would never sucker-punch a 5'3" 110-pound man who has the physical dimensions of a little boy unless said person is suffering from some sort of diminished mental capacity.

archie did canelo a favor and saul is just too dumb to realize it and simply chose to bully archie(saul wouldve never, ever sucker-punched a guy like lara, kirkland or trout...guys that are going to punch him back HARD).
Nice comment..I agree with every word..
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