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Default Re: Body sparring - How good is it Really ?

I'm not gonna judge anymore, I think there's value in all types of sparring.

I made a thread not long ago about light sparring (thinking it was pointless).
Then I actually did a session (reluctantly) with a girl boxer who is quite good (she's pro) but about 20 lbs lighter than me. So lightening up on power actually made me focus heavily on technique, and it was actually a very different and enlightening experience. Not to mention actually enjoyable because it became a very mental session.

So all in all, my thinking is, you can learn from almost any type of sparring. Overuse of ONE particular type of 'conditional sparring' is bad, because of the potential to overfocus on one area and neglect another - but if you do different types of conditional sparring (such as body sparring, and others), then there is great potential to learn.
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