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Default Re: Just rewatched Froch/kessler 1

Froch started slow. When I watched him against Johnson, you could not be criticised for thinking in the first few rounds he would lose. Froch has upped his training even more which he claims he is still breaking his best numbers AND Froch has clearly started faster against Bute and Mack which is vital.

Kessler is in fact the more talented fighter - agility, speed, co-ordination etc is in his favour BUT Kessler hasn't evolved since he started. A little bit he started to hook/uppercut and go to the body more but that is not evolution for an elite fighter. Froch on the other hand seems to get in better shape every single time and this has affected his speed and power over the course of a fight which has in turn made him a much more potent fighter. Early Froch seemed to rely alot on durability and mental/physical toughness.

The first fight was made more competative by Kesslers warrior mentality and lack of intelligence. Kessler made it harder than it had to be. Frochs last two fights have focused on his major weak points.

Close, competative but Froch definitely didn't win the first fight.
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