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Default Re: Do you think that Cain's legacy will eventually surpass Cro Cop, Nog or *gasp* Fe

Someone needs to rise above the other heavyweights of the current era to be considered as a better ATG than Fedor was. The person who is going to dethrone Fedor needs to distinguish himself in the current heavyweight division. Is this possible, yes. Is it it probable, I doubt it. I would guess that it will be hard for any heavyweight to get a streak of wins going: 3-4 because there are just too many good HW's in the UFC. I could be wrong, but in the Heavyweight division, the belt will probably be passed back and forth every year.

If Cain would beat Overeem and JDS again, and then hold the belt for two years, I would rank him as high(er) than Fedor. I already seem him as being as good as Crocop.

Also, I think that if Fedor were fighting with the current Heavyweights, the huge ones that are talented everywhere, he would not do as well as he did when he was fighting in his own era. There is a good chance that he would still get the title, but less of a chance that he would hold onto to it for a prolonged period of time.

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