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Default Re: Fun Fact:CANELO's first Amateur fight was at 12, won Gold @ National Olympics 05,

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Damn bro, write a ****ING book lol you've already told me this I know Ur opinion on the subject I was just making my statement fact I had previously told u about, si I linked an article that shows that.

who cares about his temper or if any mental issues boxing fans these days are pussies they expect an upstanding citizen out of everyone and professionalism at all times, dudes a kid and he blew up. **** happens.
a kid? hes the wbc champion. are you going to continue to use the "age card" again? seriously, its getting old.

when was the last time in boxing history, going back 100 years, has another boxer beat up another boxer that was 10 weight classes below him?


in fact, when was the last time in history a boxer street fought another boxer(on the professional level) that was even three weight classes below him?

again, never.

you have over 100 years of boxing history and respect broken with this pendejo canelo.

and here is the bully calling out 39-year-old, 143-pound juan manuel marquez

since la perra corriendo has no problem calling out guys 11 pounds lighter perhaps he can fight ward or froch at a catchweight of 165?

oh, but that wouldnt be fair, right?

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