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Default Re: Salido (4) vs Garcia (11) - ESB, Whats your prediction for the fight?

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The Gist
* Put down a little bit on how you think the fight will play out. It will also go into the featured fight video *

Overall, not only do these fighters have a lot of skill, but they are thinking fighters. It's not just brawn, but there is a lot of brains to their game. It's just one of those type fights that you don't see very often, and I'm as pleased as punch that this fight is going down. It's an early mega fight and Saturday is going to be a fun fight. Oh yeah, and for a prediction, you know, I'm going to go with Miguel Garcia. I think Garcia has "It" I think he's just one of those fighters that is that good, but when push comes to shove, he can step up in the big moments. I'm going to go with Garcia by decision, because, quite frankly, it's just tough for me to see Salido getting stopped. I know a quick boxrec search in Salido's 11 losses 5 of them have come via stoppage, but that was way back when he was teenager. Heck, just to put in perspective the last time he was stopped, Creed was the biggest rock band in the world with that Human Clay tour and what not, Roy Jones Jr was P4P the best in the world, the Twin Towers were still in New York, so basically, it's been a long, long time. None of us have seen Salido stopped, it tough to see him stopped now. Not that it can't happen, but it's just tough to see. If it were to happen, it'll from Garcia's left hook. Garcia has a wicked left hook, and Salido's best punch is a looping right hand. If Garcia is going to stop Salido, he'll anticipate the looping right hand coming, fire out the left hook and catch Salido. Remember, Lopez did in their rematch, one of the few rounds, if not the only round, Lopez won in that fight. Salido is vulnerable, but he's a tough hombre. We'll see what happens, but that about wraps it up. In the words of Bart Scott after the Jets upset the Patriots in the playoffs about two years ago: CAN'T WAIT!

Well the way I see it is, I think Salido will win some rounds with his activity and pressure, but I think Garcia will improve on his performence against Barros, and up his game here. So I think the first round is a toss up, I think the 2nd round Salido starts to put in some good work, wins the round. This is the trend in 3rd and 4th, but somewhere in the middle rounds I think Garcia catches Salido with a sharp punch, and puts him down.... then proceeds to win the rounds.

Thats when the fight would get interesting. If Salido goes into warrior mode, I think he will wind up getting caught again, and put down again (I see this happening a few times) If he stays composed, as is the Salido way.... I see Garcia slowly starting to edge the rounds based off of cleaner punching, and hurting Salido a few more times maybe.

In the end I expect Garcia to win the fight due to a few knockdowns and comfortable judging in his favor (I dont think he will need it, but I think the judges will ensure a close decision goes to Garcia)

I think Garcias sharp, accurate punches will be too much for the old Salido to stand up to, and I see him getting hurt and dropped in between having good rounds, which by the end sees him behind on the cards and getting an L.


* I am basing this on I think the Lopez fight was Salidos real last hurrah. That fight was hard on him and I just dont think he will return to that form again.
* I could be overestimating Garcias power
* I could be underestimating Salidos ability to box with Garcia without taking those fight changing shots.
* Maybe the judges will be more honest then I think, and Salido does have a chance to win a close fight, if its close and he deserves it.

We will see though, can not wait for this fight. I will be rooting hardcore for Salido here

It seems the boxing world has made it's mind up on salido. The battle weary warrior is being cashed out to the next big thing in the division.

I really think we're gonna see the best salido ever. I think it will be a systematic beatdown over 9 rounds or so.

Warrrrrr Salidoooooo
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