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Default Re: Just rewatched Froch v Dirrell...

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
I don't see where he's looking at the ref, his head goes backwards after he's hit and then he slumps over. Concussion is complicated, it can be delayed and you can only be out for a split second and still do things instinctively without conscious control. Abraham is a heavy puncher and landed on his chin while he wasn't looking and on his knees. Dirrell didn't do a damn thing wrong in that fight and he gets treated like the villain. People don't understand concussion and think they can judge if someone is faking or not. Maybe Dirrell did play it up but even if he did he did nothing wrong, Abraham took the cheap shot so all the vitriol should be aimed at the cheater who was clearly losing the fight.
My bad. It had been a while since i watched the fight. He looked up at AA before slumping to the ground and rolling around. IMO he faked it, we might disagree but that my honest opinion. AA was losing the fight but he was comming on strong in the later rounds. I just felt at the time watching the fight Dirrell took the easy way out. Nothing against you, thats my view on the matter.
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