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Default Re: El Puma/Warpuma Chronicles



135lbs x10
155lbs x10
175lbs x10
205lbs x7
225lbs x5
245lbs x1
265lbs x5
295lbs x3
315lbs x1

Disaster hits....garage door shuts with opener inside. Got stomach flu same night.


Depression sets in. Quitting becomes so lovely.

I went to the edge, I thought it was important. I thought the view would be crystal clear. Now I don't care. I give in. I give up. I just want to be ordinary, to have meager needs and mediocre ambitions. I want each day to be enough on its own, without risk or fear or the pressure to succeed. I wish I was like everybody else.

-Mark Twight


Broke in garage. Got my mind refocused.


135lbs x 10
155lbs x10
175lbs x10
205lbs x7
225lbs x5
255lbs x1
275lbs x5
295lbs x3
255lbs x5

Pullups 9,7,6,5,5

If the will is strong and there is love, the dream will always be worth the pain.
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