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Default Re: My Sparring Video

I understand you guys are new and just sparring for fun, but I have to admit I lmao at your buddy's stiff robot defense, especially the turn at 5:37.

I can't offer a bunch of advice, I just skimmed the video, but from a fundamentals view, you really need to try and keep your right hand closer to your chin when you are jabbing, you seem to drop it a lot of the time or not even have it up. Easy to catch a left hook that way, which is kind of what happened at 11:43.

Again when you throw a 1-2, you tend to keep your hands down, you need to try and bring those in a straight line back to protect your chin.

If you can't get to a gym yet, more than anything I would work on conditioning so when you do go you won't fall over in the first round of mitts. Skipping, running, anything to get your cardio up.

Best of luck.
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