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Default Re: If Rid**** Bowe had the dedication of Marciano? Would he be one of the best?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I'd say yes, but with a caveat:

The dedication would have needed to not just be in his physical conditioning, but on his craft.

The man got hit to much, and didn't fight enough behind his sterling jab. He wouldn't have achieved much more than he did without fixing his style and improving as he got seasoned, instead of declining from all the ass beatings he took.
Yeah he certainly didnt mind eating flush shotsshots to get to someone.
He did have a mean streak though like in the Gonzalez fight.
Maggna in your opinion how good or dangerous was Gonzalez
and what do you think of that win for Bowe, and finally
Have you sparred with Bowe!!?
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