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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
I do understand, and your just proving my point.

As for the difference in opposition between The UFC MW division and Pride HW division... Look, you can't sit here and hold it against Anderson Silva for not having Big Nog, CC, and Mark Coleman in his division... For these men are not the same size, that's weak dude.


Winning is all that is asked of a competitor, and both men have done just that. They won big, and they remain undefeated for a very long time. The difference is these HWs weren't successful in The UFC. These are the same men we're talking here, are they not?

CC: 4-7

Big Nog: 6-3

Mark Coleman: 1-2

Here are some records of other Pride Fighters....

Rampage Jackson: 8-4

Wanderlei Silva: 4-5

Shogun Rua: 5-5

Dan Henderson: 4-2

Dan Henderson, a much smaller and older man than Fedor, was punching him out two years ago. The same Hendo that submitted to Anderson Silva, and there is just no way around that.

All records listed are post Pride era, don't get it twisted. But, with all this before you it should be clear that Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson are the only Pride Fighters to stand the test of time. I'm sorry, but Fedor is not one of them. If we're going to talk longevity, context, know that The Spider has more wins on the World Stage, more wins during his run than Fedor did. As Anderson Silva continues to fight it will be clear that he is a Greater Mixed Martial Artist.
Do you actually realize that all what you wrote doesn't have anything to do with what I wrote ?

And if you want to compare the like of Okami, Leben, Leites, Cote, Maia etc. to Coleman, Randleman, Schilt, Hearring etc. then I have to admit that this discussion is pretty much's obvious you didn't get the point....

What a waste of time, it's exactly like talking to a freaking wall....
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