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Default Re: El Puma/Warpuma Chronicles

I noticed I have been pushing myself. I guess I did not realize it. I play a lot of mind games with myself. Telling my mind it's 275lbs when in fact, I have 295 on my back.

I can see why I cracked mentally during the week. But, I recovered and I have to push harder. Just like I did with my distance training at this point last year.

I don't know anything else....push, climb, scratch claw up that mountain. Cry, bleed, *****, growl....get knocked down, get back up and continue the fight.

"When I first saw Mark Twight, he had just started climbing. A skinny, intense kid, he moved easily between rage and humor, contempt and the need to be recognized as superior. He told me about big dreams, which are the only kind worth having. Over the next 15 years he proved that even his dreams were smaller than the spirit he would create. "

I am working on paying forward what Mark and people like him have inspired me to tackle.

The bigger the mountain, the higher the risk, the further and harder the fall. But, the reward for having conquered oneself is exquisite in it's pleasure.

“The average is the borderline that keeps mere
men in their place. Those who step over the line are heroes by the very
act. Go.”

Henry Rollins
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