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Default Re: Brutal Dempsey sparring Knockout in slow motion

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
It's not stupid for him its his life, if you were 16 and riding through hobo towns and while sleeping having to worry about the *******ual hobos there were back then trying to **** you and having to fight them off to not get ****d or killed after not eating for days then maybe you'd spar like that as well buddy he was programmed that way fighting to him was just his way of living, i bet sparring or just any fighting brought back that feeling and natural instinct he had when he was in that place in his life and thats why he was so vicious no matter who it was middleweight or not, its either him or the other guy hes fighting and he wanted it to be him winning very badly

I only ever sit down on my punches in sparring if i feel the other fighter is trying to hit me with power. I think it's bullying to start loading up against an outsized middleweight. But i do know fighters that go in to alamo mode every single time they spar regardless of any other criteria. So it's hardly unusual.

As you say it might have been the surprise *** hobo gangbangs that twisted jacks mind that way, everything was a fight to him, maybe he got married young and became cynical, who truly knows.
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